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Our Reservable Spaces


The Revelry Room is great for smaller, self-guided groups, and can seat 8 adults at tables for comfortable painting. For children's events, you can seat 10 painting participants. Here, you'll have access to your own mini-fridge, countertop ice maker, high-quality Bluetooth speaker to play your favorite tunes, and don't forget: the artistic atmosphere! Our space will be so inviting, you won't even need to bring party decor; unless, of course, you want to! 

If you are interested in a full-service birthday party experience with a dedicated party host / paint attendant, or children's events geared towards attendees under the age of 8 (where parents might be inclined to stay for the duration), we require booking of a McHarper Manor private party with pottery programming. This option is suitable for hosting groups of up to 40 participants in the McHarper Manor Classroom space.

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