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Creative Art Birthday Parties!


At McHarper Manor, we LOVE celebrating! Our beautiful and bright studio space is the perfect location to host a private party, get your creative juices flowing and celebrate the special events in your life. We'll do the hard work of entertaining your guests so that you can enjoy your special day!


How Our Birthday Parties Work

Are you looking for an art or craft kids birthday party? We do it all! Our party packages include private use of the studio for two hours.  Our base price includes an activity of your choice for 10 participants (including the birthday child). Extra participants are just $25 each (with a suggested maximum participant total of 16 guests to ensure excellent instructional time. Please speak with us if you'd like to discuss a higher guest count. We're happy to look at how to modify things to allow it!)

Our Creative Party Packages start at $299. 

$100 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your date and the final balance is due on the date of the party. 

With so many options for creativity, you have the ability to tailor your event to your specific child and their favorite themes. Don't worry - if you find this list overwhelming, we are happy to chat and decide together what the perfect project is for your age group and your child's interests! 

Creative Art Party: Choose One project from the following list

($25 for each additional child)

  • Acrylic guided paint-along on canvas (for ages 8 and up)

  • Coloring book style canvas painting (for ages 5 and up) - choose from a variety of outlined animal and interest canvases we keep on hand!

  • Guided draw-alongs with sharpie and watercolor pencils (theme of your choice!)

  • Sculpt along with model magic (theme of your choice: sweet treats, animals, etc)

  • Ceramic figurine painting (acrylic / same day process)

  • Painted peg doll people / princess / fairies / characters

  • Magic Wand making with polymer clay and gems!

  • Shrinky-dinks! Leave with keychains for backpacks or charms to add to anything you like!

  • Polymer Clay Charms

Premium Art Party: ($50 upcharge) Choose One project from the following list

($25 for each additional child)

  • Custom coloring book style canvas (illustrated for each guest on demand!) or variations based on a theme!

  • Adopt-a-pet session: each guest will start by adopting a new stuffed friend. We’ll give them a name, nail down their personalities and fun traits, and decorate a cute carrier! Next we’ll sculpt fun treats and toys for their new best friend, pick out a soft cuddly pet blanket, and get ready for the trip home!

  • Ceramic figurine glazing (fired and ready for pick up in 1-2 weeks)

  • American Girl Experience: Make a starbucks drink and a TIERED birthday cake for your doll!

  • Spa party: Decorate fabric eye masks, + make soap scrub sundaes + lip balms

  • Tie Dye T-Shirts

  • Embellished First Initial Monograms

  • UV Resin Charms (guests age 10 and up only, please)

Additional FAQ's

When should I book my party?

As soon as you have a date in mind! Our schedule fills quickly; to have your pick of dates, we suggest booking sooner than later, preferably 4 weeks in advance. We DO have last minute openings from time to time, so always feel free to call or email to check to see if your ideal date is open. If not - we can always give you options!

What times of the day / week do you offer parties?

These openings are typically Saturdays 10am-12pm, or Saturdays and Sundays 1pm-3pm. Weeknight options are available during the summer, and by request throughout the year. Parties and private events can be booked any time we don't have a class scheduled in the studio, so if you don't see the date you're looking for on our ONLINE BOOKING CALENDAR, shoot us an email and we'll be happy to see what we can find to accommodate your needs.

Can parents/ adults attend? 

Parents are welcome to attend parties held in the McHarper classroom in limited numbers. We understand that it can be challenging to leave a younger child in a new place. In these cases, we do allow 1 adult per child guest to stay for parties. If we need to accommodate additional parents, grandparents / relatives, or other non-participating guests, we will need to know guest totals ahead of time to aid in arranging adequate seating. The charge for additional adults beyond the 1 per project-participating child is at the rate of $10 each. This helps keep the volume and energy levels manageable inside our cozy studio. This way, all children can hear instructions and ask questions of the instructors. 

Can we bring our own food and drink? 

Yes! We love a good party spread! You are welcome to bring any pre-made food, drinks and treats you would like. We do ask that you do not plan cookie / cupcake decorating, or offering candy buffets - unless they are for a parting gift that will be given at the party's completion.

Please plan to provide your own paper service for any food and drinks (plates, napkins, cups, utensils) that you plan to serve. 

We do not cover the three (3) studio activity tables prior to the party, but you are welcome to bring any tablecloths that you'd like, however, they are NOT required. The project and meal tables are three 9' long farmhouse style rectangles. We have seasonal or colorful tablecloths covering the 8' long rectangle table that is yours to use for food/drinks/ etc, plus a 4' long gift table. You are welcome to bring different covers for those tables as well if you would like to use a specific style or print.

Will the art lesson take the entire 2 hours? 

Projects are created to take around 1 hour of your 2 hour party time.  Sometimes, depending on the ages and the interest levels of the children present, they don't take the full hour that we allocate.  You are welcome to bring any other party games, play doh, or activities to fill your down time if needed. We always have markers and coloring sheets on hand if they run through the project very quickly! 

When are final counts due? 

Please confirm the number of  participants 3 days in advance of your event to ensure we have the proper seating configurations and adequate number of supplies needed for your chosen activity. 

When can we set up? 

You're welcome to enter the studio up to 30 minutes early to begin setting up for your party.  We have multiple parties, classes and events scheduled throughout each day, so we ask that you keep to your scheduled timeline - both in terms of arrival for set up and ending the party on time to allow for a 15 minute post-party cleanup. We appreciate your help with this! Excessive time spent over your party block may result in additional charges.

We're looking forward to creating a memorable party with you!

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