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Seasonal Decorative Pieces!

Seasonal Truck2.JPG



Open your KIT and gather your Supplies:
  • Acrylic Craft Paint (we suggest matte or chalk paint - not glossy)

  • Paint Marker (Black and White) 

  • Brushes (flat brush 1/2" - 3/4", small flat shader brush, and small round liner for details)

  • Paint Palette or Paper Plate

  • Water Basin

  • Paper Towels

  • Table Covering

You can also find an Amazon Shopping link by clicking HERE

Watch this video to get tips and tricks on to how to base coat and add dimension to your piece



Watch this video to get tips and examples of how to outline and emphasize small attachment pieces



Attach It with velcro and swap it out seasonally!

Now that all the pieces are painted, you can add your velcro strips to your main piece and attachments. Helpful tip: attach your small attachment velcro piece to the main strip of velcro on your stationary / larger piece - then remove the plastic film and attach your attachment to the velcro. Check out the last few minutes of the "base coat" gnome video above for an in depth demo.

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Hi! We are Tabitha and Tom Harper. Together, we have 4 beautiful kids, a pack of fur babies, and LOADS of creativity! Our blended family is much like a modern Brady bunch; a little “his, mine and ours”. Our McClung and Harper kids are equally important. Our family is often lovingly referred to as “The McHarpers”, and McHarper Manor was born.


We hope that our studio always portrays the close-knit and nurturing vibe of our family, as we hope to share our love of art, learning, growing, and creativity with you and yours. Our studio has become a place for local artists to teach their skills and for students of all ages with a passion for creativity to learn something new. We truly believe in the power of visual arts and craft experiences to heal and nurture our hearts and minds. Because of this, we try to cover a variety of mediums and creative opportunities to engage and inspire people in our community and beyond. Incredible experiences, blossomed skills, and close knit community come from these collaborations. With the right environment and instruction, we can all make beautiful things.


We are so excited to be able to create something amazing with you here.

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