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We've launched a membership site!  

We're SO excited that you want to make art with us!

In our membership classroom, you will have access to new video lessons each month that focus on the following themes for elementary aged artists:

  • Paint! Painting techniques will be taught from acrylics, to watercolor, tempra and more.

  • Draw! Students will focus on form and line, shade and value to improve their drawing skills.

  • Sculpt! Students will work on 3D forms! These types of projects include sculpting with clay, paper mache, upcycling and more!

  • Play! These projects will include the element of play! They might focus on story-telling, a messy tactile process, or sometimes result in an end product that’s interactive!


Throughout the year we will include mixed media, printmaking, and other fun mediums - but you can count on these staples of art monthly!

Once you are enrolled in our program, you will have access to our PRIVATE members only Facebook Group. This group will be a place for you to ask questions that are monitored more regularly than our public page. It’s also a great place to share your art, create community with other members, and interact with me live weekly for a more personal feel!

Members have access to a full content library, made up of existing content - from the live streams that occur on Facebook, IGTV, and YouTube, to “extra” fun videos we create for special occasions. You’ll have all of our videos in one place - and never have to bounce around to find that new project we released!

When you sign up for our membership, you will receive my very own “Art Toolkit” that includes my best tips and ideas for setting up your art space, basic supplies, and suggestions on more art supplies for hungrier artists. I also provide you with my “Guide to making art with kids!” that I’ve developed over countless hours of making (and loving) art with kids ages 2 and up!

Annual members will always receive a 10% discount on any other content they purchase like birthday parties and summer camps!


For a complete overview and answers to some of our FAQs, visit our membership overview HERE, or click on the button below to be taken to our classroom for signup!

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