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Looking for a fun party idea? Celebrate with us! 

 Virtual Parties & Events!

McHarper Manor is now offering virtual parties for any occasion and any group. Create and celebrate online with your favorite people and make fun art. These parties are perfect for birthdays, private family & friend gatherings, clubs, scouts, corporate team building and more! 

How Virtual  Parties Work
We'll work with you and group to choose a great project! You provide the project supplies to your guests and we'll provide the instruction. Next, you'll invite your guests and we'll connect everyone on Zoom for the party. We'll start the party off with about 5 minutes of welcome time, chit chat, and then we mute everyone and start the project tutorial. We'll take time to answer questions and check in with everyone to see how things are going. Once we are done with the project we'll pass host access to you so your guests can have access to the Zoom call afterwards for celebration and to visit with just your group. 

How To Book Your Party

Cost is $150 per party/project for up to 15 people.

To book a virtual y party, you can click the button below to email us. We'll contact you to set up your party and work out all the details for a fun creative party. You can click the button below to email us to get started! 

Tips To Make Your Party Great!


Plan on hosting around 10-15 kiddos or adults to make it a good experience for everyone. 


If you are hosting a parting for kids, plan on having an adult on hand to help with logging in, muting, un-muting, and technology in general. 


If you are hosting a celebration, consider putting together fun party bags and deliver with your art supplies. Here's a list of our favorite things for party bags you can purchase on Amazon for easy and fun party favors. 

We can customize your party to any theme, and we have tons of fun projects to choose from! 

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