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Favorite Holiday Art Gifts - Painting

I've had a couple of people ask for holiday art supply gift suggestions for their kiddos, and I wanted to share my favorites! I know parents and grandparents often like suggestions on fun supplies to spice up their kiddos' art game. So I thought I'd put together a list of my favorite art supplies that I think will make great gifts for your kiddos. You can find the whole list here in our Amazon store. Over the next few weeks I'll share more about these fun art products.

There are a lot of options on here, and most are middle of the road or more bang for your buck, as that's what I typically go for myself. That being said - there are professional grade supplies I use in my personal stash for that "special project" that I can share with you too. For example: the Liquitex Basics Acrylic paint that I share in this list is a big step up from the craft paints that are on the supply list (and is still budget friendly). However, for my own personal art pieces, I tend to use Golden brand acrylic paints - but they are 4x the price. So - if you want splurge suggestions, I'm happy to offer that as well any time!

This week I'm sharing some of my favorite painting supplies that would make great gifts. I hope you and your kiddos love these items, too!

Derwent InkTense Watercolor Pan - One of my favorite splurges is the Derwent InkTense Watercolor Pan. It's the one I use on every watercolor project in our membership site, Made with McHarper.  So vibrant and lasts forever.

Arteza Disposable Palette Paper Pad - Mixing paint and clean-up is easy peasy with these disposable palettes.

General Pencil Masters Brush Cleaner & Preserver - I like this product because it helps you really get your brushes clean and keeps them in great shape.

Paint Brush Cleaner Rinse Cup (All-in-One) - This water cup has SO many good features! You can really get your brushes clean with the silicone texture on the cup's bottom as well as store your brushes along the edge. It's best for acrylic and water based paints.

Princeton Artist Brush Select Synthetic Brush Flat Wash 1" Width - This brush is a good value and perfect for all those washes we frequently do on our Made with McHarper projects.

Benicci Paint Brush Set of 16 – This set is a favorite for its value, quality, and variety of brushes and a carrying case that stands-up.

Canson Artist Series Watercolor Paper, 9"X12" - A quality watercolor paper like this one is a great gift to give to kiddos with other painting supplie so they can get started on their beautiful art right away.

Phoenix Artist Painting Canvas Panels - 11x14 Inch / 12 Pack - This pack is a great value and perfect to have on hand for acrylic painting projects.

I hope this list has given you some inspiration on some fun art supplies to give your kiddos this year! Again, you can find our whole list in our Amazon store here. We've got more fun things there for drawing, sculpting, and more!

Wishing you joy and creativity,



**We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn small commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. However, McHarper Manor is independently owned and any options or reviews expressed here are our own.**

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