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More Fun Art Holiday Gifts

This week I'm sharing the final items on my holiday art gift list. These items are some favorites I like for sculpting, art inspiration, and more. I hope these fun supplies and books will spark your kiddo's imagination to create! You can find these and more at my favorites list in our Amazon store here.

Sculpey Clay is a great gift for those kiddos that like to sculpt and make 3D things. This polymer clay doesn't dry out and is perfect if a kiddo walks away from a project for a bit. You can bake projects made from this clay in your own oven - no kiln needed! This kit has some great colors. Extra white clay is always a good idea for mixing colors.

These Derwent Intense Ink Sticks are a fun alternative to oil and chalk pastels. They offer vivid color and can be used for small details or to color large surfaces. One of the coolest things about these is that you can use a wet paintbrush to soften things and add a different texture as well as using them dry for more vivid color.

Creative books make great gifts for artistic kiddos! I'm sharing a couple more books this week that are fun gifts to inspire your kiddos to create. Handlettering is SO popular right now. I love how this book is written for specifically for kids.

I love how this book inspires you to create anywhere with what you have. It's focused on inspiring creativity in general and it's a great gift, especially for older kiddos.

These chalk pastels would be a fun addition to your kiddo's art kit. Chalk pastels are great to use on drawing projects when you want a different textures or colors. This set offers a lot of bang for your buck with all the colors.

If you are looking for a chalk pastel set that's a step-up, this set is a great option, too. This is definitely a splurge item as these are more expensive for the size. But these are some of the best I've used. I would recommend these for kiddos that are 10 years+.

Finally, this Derwent Drawing Kit is a great gift for kiddos who love to draw. It has quality pencils as well as blenders and burnishers, perfect for your kiddo's art kit. I love how it's all included in this kit for a good price, too.

I hope you've found some good gift ideas over the last three weeks as I've shared my favorite supplies. They will all make great stocking stuffers or great gifts on their own. Want to level up your art gifts? You could bundle a few of these together to make a fun art gift basket. Or maybe you could add them to an art bin or storage for a fun gift, too. Anyway you package it is great. The best part will be how much fun your kiddos will have using these on their projects!

Wishing you joy and creativity,



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