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New! Made with McHarper Gift Memberships

Looking for a fun gift that will last past the time when kiddos get bored with their Christmas toys? Think about giving a Made with McHarper gift membership! I'm a big fan of "experience" gifts where kids have a chance to create and learn, especially gifts that can last through the year. I kept this in mind when creating this year's gift memberships. It's my hope that kiddos can have fun creating through the year - not just the holidays. Below is more information on Made with McHarper and what you can expect when you give this gift.

What is Made with McHarper?

Made with McHarper is our membership site for kiddos who love to create art. Each month we offer new video lessons and projects where kids can draw, paint, sculpt, and most importantly, PLAY! Each lesson features a video with me and often my family and friends sharing how to make the new project. There's a supply list and shopping links, too, if you want to purchase supplies quickly with little hassle.

What will my young artist and our family get with their membership?

  • Each month we offer 3-4 new projects with one of these themes - draw, paint, sculpt, and play. We'll have a video where your kiddo can create along with us at their pace.

  • We also host 2 live videos a month in our members only Facebook group with fun seasonal projects. After the live broadcast we archive these videos in our membership site, too.

  • You'll also get access to our members only Made with McHarper Facebook group where you can connect with other families and share ideas and experiences.

  • Included is access to our Making Art with Kids tips and tricks and our Art Took Kit, where I share recommendations on art supplies and setting up a creative space in your home.

How do gift memberships work?

We offer 3 gift options. Here's what we are offering and the timeframe your gift recipient will have access to them:

3-Month Membership - Valid until 3/31/2021

6-Month Membership - Valid until 6/30/2021

Annual Membership - Valid until 12/31/2021

We only offer our Annual Membership a couple of times a year and it's our best membership deal with the cost averaging $17.50/month. So if you want your young artist to enjoy Made with McHarper all year long, this is a great option!

To purchase a gift membership, you can go to our Made with McHarper site here. You'll see the gift membership listed as well as our regular membership options. You can select the one that works best for you and your gift recipient. Gift Memberships are purchased with a one-time payment and offered for a limited time this holiday season.

Because these are gift memberships, the timeframe is set so there's only a one-time charge at the beginning of the membership. It's a bit different than our re-occuring subscriptions. If you have any interests in one of those, feel free to reach out and we'll be happy to help.

I hope these Made with McHarper gift memberships are a fun and helpful idea on what to give your creative kiddos! We have SO much fun in this community creating together and I would love for you to join us. It's a joy and a blessing for me to create with your families. I hope to see and your kiddos there at our next lessons!

Wishing you joy and creativity!

- Tabitha


Questions about our Made with McHarper Gift Memberships? Feel free to contact us at and we'll be happy to help!

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