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NEW - Bite Size Made with McHarper Classes

We're sharing some of our favorite Made with McHarper art classes just in time for the holidays and I'm SO excited! We're offering five different single classes from our Made with McHarper membership so you and your kiddo can sample our fun art lessons. The best part - each class is only $10!

We have so much fun in our Made with McHarper membership, so I'm hopeful you and your family will love these classes, too! These classes make a great last minute gift and you and your kiddo get the special gift of creating together.

Here's what we are offering. You can find these classes at or just click on each class image below to go directly to the class information page.

Van Gogh Inspired Sunflowers

This class is a favorite because we learn more about Vincent Van Gogh's signature art techniques while studying his famous sunflower series. We'll create our own lovely sunflower painting while learning.

Animal Form Drawing

Animals are a favorite subject of many of our Made with McHarper projects. Kiddos just LOVE animals and it's a great way to inspire them to draw. In this class we learn the basics about form drawing and create a drawing from favorite animals. It's always fun to see what animals kiddos choose and how much fun they have while drawing!

Abstract Watercolor Exploration

Watercolor painting projects are very popular among our young artists. There are SO many great watercolor techniques. In this lesson we sample 3 techniques - layering, colors, and embellishing your watercolor painting. It's a fun way to try watercolor painting and explore these fun techniques.

Family Wall Hanging

This Family Wall Hanging class is a favorite because it puts a fun spin on creating a family portrait. In this class, your kiddo will paint members of their family and then create this fun wall hanging. It's a great way to celebrate your family and maybe share fun family stories while creating this project.

Funny Face Pinch Pot

Kiddos love sculpting projects! There's something really fun and satisfying about shaping and molding clay to create a fun project. In the Funny Face Pinch Pot class, kiddos learn sculpting techniques to create their own whimsical pot.

It's always a joy to create with kiddos in our Made with McHarper classes. I hope you'll join us for one of these fun classes. I also hope you and your family enjoy this special holiday season and are able to create together!

Wishing you joy & creativity!

- Tabitha


Questions? Feel free to contact me at

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