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Shrinky-Dinks! Tutorial video and supplies!

Shrinky-Dinks. They can distract my kids for HOURS, and may be the most popular activity or birthday party theme we offer in our studio! These little "sheets of magic" are possibly the most under-rated craft supply of all time. We are about to take a little trip back to the 90's and play with one of my favorite - and most nostalgic - craft-ivities.

Click the image below to view a fun video we made, showing how we

made shrinky dinks as a family!

You'll just need your imagination, an oven,

and the supplies listed below to get started!


The following post has links to products that include affiliate links via amazon. I may make a small commission on your purchase which helps fund our studio and endeavors such as our free art tutorials, but our opinions are always truthful and non-biased!

Shrinking Sheets: We prefer the matte or "Ruff-n-ready" sheets, as they hold onto pigments a bit better. These matte sheets are also able to be used with colored pencils, whereas the slick sheets are not able to hold onto the pencil's core for mark making.

Sharpies, Acrylic Paint Pens, or Colored Pencils:

Our pigment of choice for Shrinky Dinks would be permanent markers (sharpies). They work well for a variety of ages and are ready to roll straight out of the package. This is a great starter set with a variety of 30 different colors for under $13!

However, acrylic paint markers have some AWESOME vivid results. Paint markers are just a bit harder to use and require more care. Paint markers cannot be layered until the first layer is dry - so this can create some frustration for tiny-makers. We suggest paint markers for the 12+ crowd.

Alternatively - matte sheets are able to be used with colored pencils. You MUST make sure the shrinking sheets are "MATTE", as the slick sheets are not able to hold onto the pencil's core for mark making. We like this look, but it's definitely softer and more subtle. We prefer soft cored pencils as they lay down a bit more pigment.


You'll need to cut your creations out of the sheet (unless you plan on shrinking the entire sheet as one piece).

Hole Punch:

If you'd like to turn your creations into something that will hang (either as an ornament, sun-catcher, dangling earrings, or a key chain - you'll want to grab a single-hole-punch 1/8" or larger to be able to create the hole for your creation to hang. Rather make a magnet or a bookmark? No hole punch required!

Hardware / or Findings for your creations:

There are SO many ways to use a shrinky dink! You can loop some string and create a "rear view mirror" hanger for your car, an ornament, or just a decoration!

For the jewelry or key chain options, you will need a pair of small-nosed pliers.

You can attach a jump ring to the hole punched in your shrinky-dink to make a charm for any bracelet or necklace!

You can make key chains with these:

You can make dangle-earrings with these: (you'll also want to grab some matching jump rings to attach them)

Or post style earrings with these: (you will need super glue or E6000 glue to attach the shrinky-dink to the post)

If any of the suggested supplies are NOT in stock, simply search for an alternative brand.

So, grab your supplies & check out the video!

We can't wait to see how you guys use these fun creations! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and tag us #MADEWITHMCHARPER when you share your creations on Facebook and Instagram!


Tabitha **Please note that we are currently unable to respond to comments here on the blog. Checkout our page's "FAQ" post - or visit our Facebook page / community for more help!**

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