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Social Distancing SUCCS... But "Date Night @ Home" #2 is here to help!

Updated: May 7, 2020

We've been at this whole social distancing thing for a while now. The working from home. The homeschooling. The cooking 473 meals a week. The leggings and sweatpants only loads of laundry. The Corona hair, and the realization that maybe you haven't showered as much as you used to. I'm with you. The self care and romance has definitely fizzled here in McHarper-ville. Fizzled? More like went flat. It needs some CPR. STAT, lol. I mean, maybe you're not on the struggle-bus like we are. If not - good for you! I'd love some notes on how to hold it all together from you, please?! Or maybe you're riding solo and looking for a way to connect with a friend that you miss? Heck! Maybe you just want some dedicated ALONE TIME... I could get on board with that! Either way, we're here to help you guys take care of yourselves and your relationships throughout this time. We think it's time for another date night (at home, of course). Saturday night, May 2nd @ 9pm Eastern Time - McHarper Manor will be hosting another live "Date Night" via our Facebook page - where you can create a fun project (for adults) with us, and enjoy yourselves. Tuck the kids into bed. Grab a drink (if that's your thing) and your supplies, and enjoy a creative date night at home! Missy & Shawn Bracken @TheHappyGroundhogStudio will be joining us, as Missy fields your questions while we're live and Shawn Patrick Bracken Music plays some guitar for us for a happy hour!

Video & content will be live via our Facebook page @ 9pm Saturday 5/2 EST, and available for replay immediately after if the time doesn't work for your schedule. Videos will also be available via our YouTube channel too, if Facebook is not your thing!

Succulent Arrangements!

This project is so near and dear to my heart. We have taught HUNDREDS - maybe thousands of students how to create a terrarium and care for their plants!

In this class, we'll talk about succulent care, where to grow, ways to check on your plants and save them if they're not doing well. We'll talk about what makes a fun arrangement, additions to your container, soil mixtures - what works and what doesn't. We'll learn some tips for propagating (making tiny babies from your leaves!), and when it's time to re-pot!

This is such a sweet, crafty and FUN experience! We hope you join us!

**We are a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn small commissions by linking to and affiliated sites. However, McHarper Manor is independently owned and any opinions or reviews expressed here are our own.**

Supplies needed

You can create a single arrangement together, or each create one of your own! The supplies I have suggested are my pick for best purchase (price / qty / availability) assuming you are EACH creating a planter. If you are only creating one - you could adjust.

These are suggested items. If something is sold out, feel free to look for an alternative either on Amazon or locally!

Succulent cuttings

You'll want around 5-6 per arrangement, depending on the size of your container.

(currently 1 week lead time on shipping. Order by April 24th to receive in time for live class)

I prefer cuttings, as they are less expensive and much less messy to open from shipping! They root quickly, and I find that there is a much better assortment of succulents available as cuttings vs potted plants.


This bag should cover several planters, depending on the size of your container

(currently 1 week lead time on shipping. Order by April 24th to receive in time for live class)

There are TONS of different cactus / succulent soils out there, but I like the mixture of this one. You definitely want something coarse and fast draining. In the class I will teach you how to make your own mixture for re-potting and future arrangements.

Container or Terrarium

(currently 1 week lead time on shipping. Order by April 24th to receive in time for live class)

You'll need a container for each person or arrangement. This is the fun part! You can choose a container that fits your style. You can use a container you have on hand or purchase a fun container like one of the styles listed below! It's super fun to up-cycle something cool like a tea cup or old vintage Pyrex dish. Rummage through your garage or shed and see if there's something that's not being used. If you prefer - there are some super fun options below that we use for classes here in the studio too!


Round dish:

Globe bowl:

Additional supplies that I expect most will have on hand

or can grab locally:

- Rocks

You can gather some rocks on your next walk, or grab some here. These are really just for decoration, so grab what YOU like! I've linked a pack here in case you'd rather order. Dollar Tree stores locally also have these in the floral aisle.

- Water

- Spoon

- Paintbrush

- Gloves if you're concerned about your nails We're super excited to have you join us. We'll see you live SATURDAY, May 2nd @ 9pm Eastern Time. It's going to be a GREAT night, guys! Did you catch the live stream and want the "cheat sheet" we mentioned? Grab the PDF below!

Caring for your succulent friends
Download PDF • 1.69MB

**Please note that we are currently unable to respond to comments here on the blog. Checkout our Facebook page's "FAQ" post - or message us on Facebook for more help!**

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