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"Date Nights @ Home with McHarper Manor" are HERE!

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

It feels like our lives changed in an instant. Schools were closed, businesses stopped, day-care centers shut down, people instructed to keep to themselves, and when possible - employees told to work from home.

Couples who have spent at least 40 hours per week away from each other are suddenly stuck in the same house, some working, some caring for kids. All parties stumbling and trying to not be in each other's way, trying to regard the other's space and needs. It's hard. Tom and I have experienced it personally - but our "togetherness" happened about 2 years ago when Tom came full time to work at the studio with me. It was interesting at first. Learning how the other had previously spent their mornings. Observing each other's routines.

But then it got hard.

Tom is NOT a morning person, lol... And I am apparently extra sensitive to his "not a morning person" demeanor. My feelings were hurt. He was frustrated that I couldn't just give him grace in those first couple of hours before the caffeine kicked in. It was TOUGH. But we got through it. We went on dates. We reconnected. We learned how to survive the mornings and days of 24/7 togetherness. We enjoyed intentional time together again.

You may not be struggling the way we did - but either way, we're here to help you guys take care of yourselves and your relationships throughout this time. We think it's time for a date night (at home, of course). Beginning Friday night, April 3rd @ 9pm Eastern Time - McHarper Manor will be hosting live "Date Nights" via our Facebook page - where you can create a fun project (for adults) with us, and enjoy yourselves. Tuck the kids into bed. Grab a drink (if that's your thing) and your supplies, and enjoy a creative date night at home! Missy & Shawn Bracken @TheHappyGroundhogStudio will be joining us, as Missy fields your questions while we're live and Shawn Patrick Bracken Music plays some guitar for us for a happy hour!

Video & content will be live via our Facebook page @ 9pm Friday 4/3 EST, and available for replay immediately after if the time doesn't work for your schedule. Videos will also be available via our YouTube channel too, if Facebook is not your thing!

Project #1: Acrylic Flow Art!

This project is so beautiful and FUN! My amazing friend Kimberly teaches these classes live in our studio and is the reason I can even help you along with them, so please support her by following her Facebook page Art and Soul Vibrations and checking out an in-person class if you can when we resume!

The following links to products are affiliate links, and I may make a small commission from your purchase. These funds helps us support endeavors such as our FREE art tutorials and fund our "Little Art Library" for local families in need.

Supplies needed:

These are suggested items. If something is sold out, feel free to look for an alternative either on Amazon or locally!

Canvas or a sanded smooth wooden panel (or a sturdy flat form - like a thick paper-mache style gift box lid) 10x10 or smaller. Tom and I will each be creating a cute 6"x 6" canvas from the set linked below - but any shape will work. Just try to keep it under 10x10 - or you will need more of the other supplies (paint / floetrol) to cover your project.

Acrylic Paint: Any acrylic paint is fine, but the brighter pigments will be in the student or artist grade paints. You will want a few different colors - or primary colors that you can mix, but you will definitely need a good amount of WHITE or BLACK for your base color. Again - we just want you creating together, but if you want this super archival quality - go for some decent basic acrylic or student grade paints. If you will be using "craft paints" like I've been using with the kids on the daily tutorials, you can still use those - but the floetrol ratio is just going to be a little different - so be aware when we're mixing and getting our pours ready.

Pouring Medium:

This is what we'll mix with water to use to make the paint flow and not just "mix" into a gray pile, lol.

Clear Topcoat - Not required - but needed if you'd like to seal it after:

We won't be completing this portion live - but you can add a nice thick shiny layer over the top of your creation after it dries. This doesn't have to be done now (or ever) but if you like the pour pieces you've seen that have that thick top coat - this is what you'll use

Additional supplies that I expect most will have on hand or can grab locally:

- A pitcher or jug of water

- Empty bottle (like a Gatorade or water bottle) that we can mix floetrol and water in.

- 8-10 small plastic cups (preferably throw-away cups, like small solo cups) that you can mix paint

- 2 larger 16 oz cups

- Raid your recycling bin: Yogurt cups, instant mac & cheese cups, dixie cups - etc. We are going to need 3-4 for each canvas to hold it up off the table while we pour. These need to be the same size to keep your canvas level. I like to use our kiddos' mac & cheese cups under mine.

- A throw-away foil lasagna / cake pan (to contain the mess)

- drop cloth, or plastic disposable table cloth (or 2).

- Plastic spoons, Popsicle sticks, or whatever you have on hand to STIR. **If any of these supplies are NOT in stock - simply search for an alternative brand or find one locally. Michael's or a local craft store will have most of this too. You can grab it in a drive-up / delivery order. We're super excited to have you join us. We'll see you live FRIDAY, April 3rd @ 9pm Eastern Time. It's going to be a GREAT night, guys! **Please note that we are currently unable to respond to comments here on the blog. Checkout our Facebook page's "FAQ" post - or message us on Facebook for more help!**

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