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Supply list for week FOUR projects!

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

You guys. The LOVE and the feedback from these tutorials has been SO overwhelming that we have decided to add AT LEAST one more week to the lineup! We are so humbled by your enthusiasm - and we'll keep doing this as long as we can! So, without further ado, week 4 projects and supply list:

Videos will be live via our Facebook page daily @ 1pm EST, and available for replay immediately after. Videos will also be available via our YouTube channel.

Week 4 projects, airing live via Facebook 4/6 - 4/10

Monday: Acrylic Painting on Canvas - Bunny & Chick!

Tuesday: Cardboard-Box Cakes

Watercolor Wednesday - Monsters!

Thursday: Printing plates with found objects

Friday: Sock Puppets

**With Amazon being overburdened with essential deliveries, we have partnered with BLICK ARTS to fulfill your orders when Amazon cannot. Blick's current lead times (with shipping) are running around 5-7 business days. They have assured me that they will be able to maintain that shipping speed moving forward. Currently, orders over $35 ship free, and there is a promo code typically DAILY in the top of the home screen that provides a % off code for orders over a certain amount (Typically $65)**


The following links to products are affiliate links via amazon & Blick Arts. I may make a small commission on your purchase which helps fund our studio and endeavors such as our free art tutorials!

Watercolor paper: (Also used in weeks 1-3) You definitely don't need anything fancy! This pack of watercolor paper is budget friendly and holds up well under pressure! It's able to handle a decent amount of water for younger kiddos and newer water-colorists. It's a bargain and what I use in studio for my own students! We will use a sheet or two each week!

Watercolor Set: (Also used in week 1-3)

The set that is linked below is not what I think you need for this, but it's a set I love! The pigments are so intense. If you watched me paint Butterball the cat - these are the watercolors I used. PLEASE don't feel like a crayola watercolor set or anything comparable wouldn't be fine for these projects though!

Brushes: (Also used in week 1-3) We want a variety of shapes and sizes to learn with. These aren't the last set you'll ever need, lol, but at this price - they're going to be fun to play and learn with.

Sharpies! Fine and Ultra Fine: (Also used in week 1-3) Sharpies are a great artist's tool and we'll be using them a lot over the next few weeks! This pack is a twin-tip style, so you get your basic (thicker) lined sharpie, and your finer line (pen style) sharpie all in one!

Cardstock: (Also used in week 1-3) This is a nice size pack with 4 sheets of each color. We'll be using one sheet of black in week one, so this will cover up to 4 kids (one sheet each) with remaining colors to be used in the following weeks.