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Supply list for weeks FIVE & SIX projects!

Updated: May 2, 2020

Friends! We are SO honored that you all have loved our lessons!

We have had the time of our lives providing this material for you and making friends all over the country (and world!). Scrolling through the happy faces and beautiful artwork has been my nightly reprieve from stress and worry during this time. Thank you for giving me that escape!

Thank you for loving us.

Regardless of how much fun we are having - we do have to accept that our small business is facing an unprecedented struggle. The generosity of many of you has helped cover the immediate needs of our family and we cannot thank you all enough for the love you have shown us. It's been overwhelming and truly beautiful. But I don't think any of us could have imagined the length of time this closure would drag on. Here in Ohio, our schools and businesses are closed through May 1st - and that order is subject to lengthening at any time. We are lead to believe that our summer camps (that generate a huge portion of revenue for our studio) may be impacted into the summer as well. We have been working on creating a distance learning platform that can be sustainable for our business moving forward - to ensure that we do not continue to lose revenue while our studio is closed, which could cause McHarper Manor to close it's doors permanently. We love you guys too much for all of that! We want to continue to offer our art tutorials and resources to the families that are benefiting from the processes and engagement! Fortunately we've found an amazing helper named Lori, and she is in the process of helping us build and establish a membership based site for the future home of "Made with McHarper" online tutorials. We hope that you will join us in this new platform; we can't wait to share it with you. We will have details regarding membership overviews, benefits, pricing, and incentives in the coming weeks! We sincerely appreciate those of you who have been with us while we've learned and grown, and we can't wait to give you access to even more! We are SO excited about the options this new learning space will bring. Just to be clear - the content that we have provided thus far will NOT be going away. You can rest assured that you will still have access to the free videos we've created and you can continue to create and enjoy those at your leisure. We're just offering a new way to participate - and giving people the chance to stick with us and get more, as providing free daily tutorials (for what we thought would be 3 weeks) is not something that we can do beyond week 6.

So, thanks for joining us. It's been a pleasure. And with all of that - we bring you, Weeks 5 & 6 projects and supply list:

Videos will be live via our Facebook page daily @ 1pm EST, and available for replay around 30 minutes after the live-stream ends via our YouTube channel.

Week 5 projects, airing live via Facebook 4/13, 4/15, & 4/17

Monday: Acrylic Painting on Canvas with a Tape Resist

Wednesday: Shadow Tracing Fun Friday: Polymer Clay Bowls and Beads Week 6 projects, airing live via Facebook 4/21 & 4/23

Tuesday: Watercolor Firefly Jar

**With Amazon being overburdened with essential deliveries, we have partnered with BLICK ARTS to fulfill your orders when Amazon cannot. Blick's current lead times (with shipping) are running around 5-7 business days.


The following links to products are affiliate links via amazon & Blick Arts. I may make a small commission on your purchase which helps fund our studio and endeavors such as our free art tutorials and the Community Art Cupboard!

Watercolor paper: (Also used in weeks 1-4) You definitely don't need anything fancy! This pack of watercolor paper is budget friendly and holds up well under pressure! It's able to handle a decent amount of water for younger kiddos and newer water-colorists. It's a bargain and what I use in studio for my own students! We will use a sheet or two each week!

Watercolor Set: (Also used in week 1-4)

The set that is linked below is not what I think you need for this, but it's a set I love! The pigments are so intense. If you watched me paint Butterball the cat - these are the watercolors I used. PLEASE don't feel like a crayola watercolor set or anything comparable wouldn't be fine for these projects though!

Brushes: (Also used in week 1-4) We want a variety of shapes and sizes to learn with. These aren't the last set you'll ever need, lol, but at this price - they're going to be fun to play and learn with.

Sharpies! Fine and Ultra Fine: (Also used in week 1-4) Sharpies are a great artist's tool and we'll be using them a lot over the next few weeks! This pack is a twin-tip style, so you get your basic (thicker) lined sharpie, and your finer line (pen style) sharpie all in one!

Cardstock or any basic paper: (Also used in week 1-4) This is a nice size pack with 4 sheets of each color. We'll be using one sheet of black in week one, so this will cover up to 4 kids (one sheet each) with remaining colors to be used in the following weeks.

Craft Acrylic Paint: (Also used in week 1-4) Any craft acrylic paint is fine... and you really only need red, yellow and blue + black and white if you're good at color mixing. But this set has every color you could need and more! Plenty to share with siblings and friends!

8x10 canvas: (Also used in week 1-4) This pack includes multiple canvases! That's probably more than some of you will need or want, but many of the other options are sold out in smaller packs. It's around $1 per canvas in this pack though - so you're saving a good bit. If you think you could share these with a friend, or have multiple kids painting over the next few weeks, I think it's a great buy.

Low temp hot glue gun & glue sticks (Also used in weeks 3 - 4)

This is only used for the TP tube koi fish this week. If you do not have a hot glue gun - you might try tacky glue and a clothes pin or clip to hold it in place while it dries if you do not have the desire or need to purchase a glue gun.

Polymer Clay:

(For bowls and beads) Molds like modeling clay, but bakes hard in the oven! We'll be marbling - so you'll want a variety of colors. This set should cover several children.

Oil Pastels (or chalk pastels from week 1):

We'll be using these with the shadow illustration. If these are not in your budget be encouraged to use what you have! Markers, colored pencils, or crayons will be acceptable - but with different results.

Additional supplies that I expect most will have on hand:

- Pencils / erasers

- Masking tape or washi-tape

- A small lamp that you can use to cast a shadow on your work surface or a large flashlight!

- School Glue - or "Tacky" glue works best (if you have it). If any of the suggested supplies are NOT in stock simply search for an alternative brand. We look forward to having you all tune in to our Facebook videos for weeks 5 & 6! **Please note that we are currently unable to respond to comments here on the blog. Checkout our Facebook page's "FAQ" post - or message us on Facebook for more help!**

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