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Printable Mason jar for week 6 Firefly Watercolor Tutorial!

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Week 6 is upon us, and I am SO excited for tomorrow's tutorial: Fireflies in a Jar - Watercolor Painting!

If you joined us for our very first tutorial (the animal watercolor), you learned a little trick about how to do a fast and easy graphite transfer. If you didn't see that one, no worries - I will walk you through it again tomorrow. But basically, this method helps to get a nice image onto your watercolor paper to make your composition & painting a bit easier!

For tomorrow's painting, I'm offering a printable of the jar that I drew to begin your painting. If you would like to print out the jar printable before tomorrow's lesson - I'll show you how to use it. Don't have a printer? No worries! We're going to break down the drawing steps too.

Get the Mason Jar Printable for tomorrow's lesson HERE I'm super excited for this week's lessons! If you're loving our tutorials and looking for MORE art, please sign up HERE to get more info on our membership site, offering 8 new lessons per month!

Week 6 projects, airing live via Facebook 4/21 & 4/23 @ 1pm Eastern

Tuesday: Watercolor Firefly Jar

Thursday: Toilet Paper Tube Fish

We hope you join in the fun either via the live-stream, or catch the replay on YouTube! Make sure to subscribe to our channel, Made with McHarper! for access to all of our live tutorials.

Interested in joining us for DATE NIGHT? We recently released info for our second date night on May 2nd! Check out the supplies needed HERE

**Please note that we are currently unable to respond to comments here on the blog. Checkout our Facebook page's "FAQ" post - or message us on Facebook for more help!**

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